My Newest and best Love

My Newest and best Love

Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Freaking Months Already????

I can't believe that Claire has turned three months old already!!!!!  The time has just FLOWN by!!  It is so fun watching her grow though! I watch her now, as she cooes, laughs, smiles and plays with toys how much she really has changed from my tiny 6 pound newborn!  Her new thing to do is stare at me and then talk to me.  She moves her mouth around so much and all these little sounds come out like she is really trying to tell a story!! We recorded it the other day because its so darn cute!  I wish I knew how much she weighed and all those stats right now, but her doctor appt isnt until September 19 (4 months).  I think she is around 14 pounds thought, according to my scale. 

This week was a crazy busy one!!!  Last Friday, I went back home to Milwaukee for my baby shower with the family.  It was great for Claire to get to meet everyone and to see all my extended family.  It was so gorgeous out which made it wonderful!!!  All the little cousins got to play on a slip n' slide and sprinkler.  Also, a little tradition in the family started for Claire.  My grandparents have a wall down in their basement where they would measure their children (my dad and aunt) heights, then they did my siblings and me (their grandchildren) and now Claire (their only great-grandchild right now)!! I took a picture of it because she looked so little yet so big standing against that wall!! 

Then Sunday, my best friend since I was 12 came to visit us!  This was actually her first time meeting Claire!!  She lives about 2 hours away, which isnt too far, but she is going through a divorce right now and had to move and re-locate jobs which made it difficult for her to come down and see Claire.  Jess (my bf) is now selling Park Lane Jewelry.  So, I hosted a jewelry party to help her out and surprisingly I made out pretty fantasticly!!  I think I earned about 400 in FREE jewelry!!!  It is sooo much fun picking out things I dont have to pay for!!  Jess and I also went out, just the two of us, for some drinks.  I never before left Claire to do something like this.  In Fact, the only time I left her is to go to the gym for an hour and its always with ther dad.  I really only felt comfortable going out because I put her to bed for the night so she would just be sleeping when I was gone!!  I will admit,though, it was fun to go out, have a few and RELAX!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, and the have the butterfly exhibit right now!! So I am going to take a MILLION pictures of Claires first time seeing all these amazing animals!!

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