My Newest and best Love

My Newest and best Love

Sunday, August 7, 2011

WOAH..time to catch up!!

I guess if I am going to have a blog, I need to keep up with it!! HAHA

So its been almost 2 months since my last post and wow have things been busy!  First of all, Claire is doing AMAZING. She has been sleeping through the night, about 10 hours since 6 weeks old!! I am so fortunate for this:)  Her weight at 2 months was 11 pounds 11 oz (my little chunk she is getting to be!!).  Her 2 months shots went ok. It made me so sad to see her cry like that! I chose to wait on the HEP B shot at birth, so she ended up having to have an extra shot that day. She was actually fussy that day!!!  She has never just cried for no reason, so to have her that way was odd to me.  She did get a slight fever, but by the next day or so she was completely back to normal. 

We did our first overnight stay (all 3 of us) on July 2. We were in MN visiting, and stayed  at a hotel.  I am pleased that she slept normal!  I normally cloth diaper, but when we go away, I use disposables.  It would be just the same to use cloth, but I have a hard time with the idea of carrying around urinated and poop filled diapers around! HA  She is smiling so much, especially when I get her up in the mornings!  She loves her daddy and smiles sooo big when he comes home.  The only difficult time Claire has is when I make her do tummy time.  She does better if I prop her up on her boppy, so we do that more often now. This past weekend we were in MN again and I carried her around in the MOBY wrap, and Claire just LOVES it!!  I also found her sunglasses at this baby boutique called Baby Clementine! They are so adorable on her!!! 

For me personally things have been fantastic!! I love being a mother so much, Claire is my everything.  She is a huge motivation for me.  I have been continuing with my training to run an 8k.  I started off running on a treadmill, which was a huge mistake for me!!!  Now I am running solely on a track or outside, and basically i had to start my training all over bc its such a different feeling!!!  But I love doing it and will be running a 5k in TWO WEEKS!!!    The other dilemma i am having is that my grandparents have offered to pay for me to go back to school to become a dental hygienist.  Up until Claire was born, I was a dental assistant; but once I had her i chose to quit my job.  Its been hard deciding if I want to go back, even part time.  I love being with her and I can never get myself to leave her--except when I do my workouts.  I just feel like I would miss out on something. Its something I think I will have to work on.....

Here are some updated pics of my gorgeous daughter...NEARLY 3 MONTHS OLD!!!!!

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